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About Us

Mission Statement

Close Knit Friends supports and enhances the lives of people experiencing illness, long term care and traumatic situations by introducing them to the gentle and healing experience of knitting
​​Close knit Frends is a network of volunteers who use the healing experience of knitting to enhance the lives of  patients and their caregivers during treatment and recovery.  It provides a program of instruction for beginning and experienced knitters in a nontraditional therapeutic environment.

Through knitting, patients escape isolation as they share their experiences and concerns. They receive both mental and physical support, and they learn   ways that help support thoughtful decision-making and self-advocacy.  New friendships are founded and support for each other begins to grow and flourish.

Our work began in 2016 in Cleveland.

CKF Founder: 
Cathie Davidson

Close knit Friends was founded in 2016.  I have spent most of my career in corporate america and found that something else was calling to me.

I have had a dream for many years to start a foundation based around my passion of knitting.  I have  a design background, and wanted to share my talent of knitting with others. I feel that there are many people that can benefit from the thearaputic benenfits of knitting.

Close knit friends is a foundation that will reach many people of many ages.  Although we are just starting, I am very excited for the future and watching this organization grow.
Health Benefits

1.  Sense of pride and accomplishment
2.  Has the same benefits of meditation
3.  Alleviates symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression
4.  Improve motor functions
5.  Slows cognitive decline
​6.  Helps prevent arthritis and tendinitis
7.  Promotes social interaction 

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